Hannah Martin Results:


Gold: Buenos Aires Pan AmericanOpen
Silver: Tashkent Grand Prix
Silver: Santiago de Chile Pan American Open<
Gold: Sarbruckken European Cup
Bronze: Pan American Championships
World Championships Team Member


Gold: Quebec Open
Bronze: El Salvaor Pan American Open
5th: Pan American Championships
5th: Estonia European Open
5th: Tashkent Grand Prix

5th: Qingdao Grand Prix (China)
5th: Pan American Games
5th: Chile Pan American Open
5th: Lisbon European Open
5th: Port Louis African Open
7th: Tunisia African Open
7th: Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix- Mongolia
2015 World Championships Team Member ( 1 win)
2015 Pan American Team Member
2015 World Masters Team Member (Top 16 in the World INVITE ONLY tournament)

Gold: Miami/Weston Continental Open
Bronze: Taipei Asian Open
Bronze: Morocco African Open- Casablanca
5th: Tbilisi Grand Prix- Tbilisi, Georgia
5th: Samsun Grand Prix - Samsun, Turkey
5th: El Salvador Pan American Open
7th: Cuba Grand Prix - Havana, Cuba
7th: Mongolia Grand Prix - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
7th: Zagreb Grand Prix - Croatia
2014 World Championships Team Member 0-1
2014 Pan American Team Member

USA National Champion
Gold: Ontario Open
Gold: Quebec Open
Gold: Morris Cup
Gold: Pan American Team Competition
Silver: Tashkent (Uzbekistan) Grand Prix
Silver: Argentina Pan American Open
Bronze: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Bronze: Mongolia Grand Prix
Bronze: El Salvador Pan American Open
Bronze: Uruguay Pan American Open
Bronze: Pan American Championships
7th: Croatia Grand Prix
9th: World Championships- Rio de Janiero, Brazil
2013 World Masters Team Member (Top 16 in the World INVITE ONLY tournament)

Since 2012 Hannah has moved from being ranked #101 in the World to being ranked in the top 20!

National Champion
Gold: El Salvador World Cup
Silver: Argentina World Cup
Silver: Samoa World Cup
Bronze: Miami World Cup
Bronze: US Open
Fifth: Mongolia World Cup

2011 *Started New Weight Class in March 2011- Moved up from 57kg to 63kg
US Open Champion
Gold: Ocean State Invitational
Gold: Liberty Bell Judo Classic
Silver: Presidents Cup
Silver: Morris Cup
Bronze: Quebec Open
Bronze: Matsumae Cup (Denmark) -57kg
Seventh: Miami World Cup
Seventh: Uzbekistan World Cup

Gold: Ocean State Invitational 63kg
Silver: Starrett Cup 57kg
Silver: El Salvador World Cup 57kg First Medal on the World Tour Circuit
Silver: Morris Cup (Burnt Hills, NY) 63kg
Bronze: U.S. Senior Nationals 57kg
Bronze: Quebec Open 63kg
Bronze: Ontario Open 63kg
Fifth: Sarajevo Open (Bosnia) 57kg
Seventh: Venezuela World Cup 57kg

Gold: Dallas Invitational
Gold: Presidents Cup
Gold: Morris Cup
Silver: U.S. Senior National Championships 57kg
Bronze: U.S. Open Championships
Bronze: Canadian Open
Bronze: Quebec Open 57kg


2008 Olympic Alternate 57kg
U.S. Open Champion*
Gold: Quebec Open
Gold: Liberty Bell Judo Classic 63kg
Gold: Morris Cup 
Bronze: Senior National Championships 63kg

Gold: Quebec Open
Silver: U.S. Senior National Championships
Bronze: Finland Open

U.S. Junior National Champion
Silver: Junior U.S. Open
Bronze: U.S. Senior National Championships
Junior World Championships Team Member