Citizen of the World

fI am a citizen of the world. When I sit back and think about my life, I shake my head in disbelief. I am a traveling nomad, traveling place to place. I am always on the road, different hotels, different city, the only thing that stays familiar is the feeling of the tatami mat underneath my feet. Judo, that will never change. No matter where I am in the world, judo is a constant in my life.

I spent this whole summer preparing for the World Championships. There is always the Olympic Dream, but there is also the dream to be World Champion. To be able to stand on top of the podium, and to say I am the best in the WORLD - is something that I will continue to strive for until I decide to stop doing judo. This summer I worked hard, not only physically but mentally. I did a lot of my world championship preparation in Germany and Israel!! It was a tough summer with strong training camps and I felt extremely focused and ready to have a great performance at my 4th World Championships.

Losing first round never feels good, it doesn’t matter if you lose to the worse person in the draw or the World Champion. I believe I am good enough to win, and when you don’t perform at your best. There is no worse feeling, than the feeling of disappointment lingering in the pit of your stomach. I didn’t cry after I lost, I remember I sat on the warm- up area in the back, mentally punching myself in the face for making mistakes.. I wish you could press rewind, that would be a great button to have in your life- BUT IT IS LIFE- and that is why we grow, and continue to strive and stay persistent even though it may seem hard. Being a judoka, and being a sportswoman is tough. It takes a strong person to keep getting back up, and to keep pursuing the journey, to work for the title that everyone wants. Some people reading this might think I sound crazy, they might not believe in me. But- I Believe. In. Me.. and that is the only important thing.

fAfter the World Championships, I flew to Portugal- to prepare for my wedding.. For the first few days, I had a hard time switching off my feelings about how I performed. I remember sitting in bed feeling empty. I went for a few runs, to try and sweat out the feeling of disappointment. It’s hard to erase the images of the past, your mind holds on to the negative images and likes to mess with you. It likes to keep replaying those images over and over again. Your mind likes to torment you. I was running, down an uneven road in Portugal when I noticed a bumper sticker on an old beat up car, “Don’t look back- You’re not going that way.” What a simple reminder, the reason why we train, is to perform for the events in the future. When you constantly think about the past, and about all the what ifs- you will only make yourself unhappy.

After an amazing two weeks in Lisbon, Portugal with my HUSBAND, family and friends. I am so eager to get back to training! I’ve already begun training, and the hurt and soreness feels so good!! My next competition will be the Tashkent Grand Prix in Uzbekistan in a few weeks!

Back on the ROAD!

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