Post- Competition thoughts

I am back in New York, (for only three weeks) and even though I did not take home a medal. This fifth place was really a learning experience for me. I was a little uneasy about competing here because this is new territory for me. I have never competed in an Asian country before, so this is the first time I got my hands on Mongolians, Japanese, and Koreans. I have to also keep in mind this is the beginning of my 2016 journey, so there is no need to be hard on myself. Even though it isn't fun- you d tend to learn more from losing then winning!

My next competition will be in Instanbul, Turkey and Abu Dhabi- and even though I am jet lagged and tired I really am excited to train tomorrow.


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

So I have been in Mongolia Land for 24 hours and the sad thing is: I slept most of the time. The travel and jet lag hit me hard and I think I went outside for a total of 3minutes yesterday. So what are my thoughts of Mongolia? Well, my hotel is in the middle of the city, so there isn't really anything pretty to look at. I can see huge mountains in the distance that look like they have potential. The hotel is fair, WIFI is only in the lobby and only my phone works down there- so I will be posting this blog after everything all goes down- probably when I am back in the USA.

Pre-competition I usually have something insightful to say, and honestly, all I really want to do is compete. I have trained hard all summer long, and no matter what happens if I put in my absolute 100% I should be happy with my results. I got to keep reminding myself that this is only the beginning of my four year journey to Rio, and that not everything is going to go exactly my way. If it was a smooth and easy road everyone could do this, and I am ready for anything and everything.

I was given a book before this trip, it is called "THE SECRET" and I have only read the first 10 pages but I already know why he has given this book to me. Something that really stood out to me was- "If you see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hands." Your thoughts are so powerful. Everything you think honestly affects you. That is why I believe it is extremely important to stay positive in any situation that you are given, because in the end something positive will happen to you. "Your thoughts become things."- And I will make the Olympic team and I will hold a medal in my hand. If I think like that for the next four years what is honestly going to stop me?



Post Long Island. Pre-Mongolia

One week until I am Mongolia bound. Am I ready? Yes. Am I excited? Sure. I am not a huge fan of traveling. It sounds kind of snobbish when I say it, but I really hate being on airplanes, having layovers in random airports, in a different country- and usually I am traveling by myself. Being an athlete and competing all over the world always sounds so glamorous. I really wish I could say it was.

Life Begins at the end of Your Comfort Zone

So looking through my computer I stumbled upon something sad and depressing that I wrote in September 2010. Reading it made me realize how much I have truly changed in the last few years, this year alone has changed me. And I have absolutely no regrets in the decisions that I have made in my life. I feel like I need to re-post this because we all have points in our life where we really have no answers. Where everything around you seems to be obsolete and not make any sense. I have questioned myself time and time again- Am I making the right decision?? Do I really want this?? But there is no question, I know what I want now. I just hope this post makes people realize, that it is okay to have doubts. We are human, we make mistakes every single day of our lives. My coach told me, "It's okay to make mistakes. I make mistakes 100 times a day but everyday I wake up and try to fix that mistake because you always want to strive to be better, there is no reason to stop trying."

Summertime has come and gone.

It's had to believe that this summer is coming to a close. The Olympics are almost over, US judo has finally one a Gold Medal. Congratulations Kayla Harrison. So honored to say that I have known you since the beginning. You truly have shown the world how dedication can overcome any obstacle that is thrown in your way!

Twitter Bubbles

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